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Cat Litter

Clumping - Unscented & Scented

Our clumping cat litter, made from all natural clay, provides excellent odour control and ease of cleaning. Its superior hard-clumping abilities makes clean up a breeze.

Alternative - Pine, Paper & Crystals

Our line of alternative cat litter provides consumers with environmentally friendly, light weight and unique solutions for pet cleanup.

Clumping - Health Alert

LifeMate is the first clumping cat litter that contains a pH indicator that will change colour to identify common health problems BEFORE symptoms appear.

Traditional - Non-Clumping

Made from 100% natural clay, quickly absorbs all odour and mess, leaving a clean, fresh and healthy litter box that both owner and cat will love.

Animal Bedding

Small Animals

We purchase our material directly from the source, which guarantees security of supply, quality, price and service.


Clean, absorbent softwood shavings ideal for equine bedding.

Prairie Hay

Timothy Hay

Harvested at optimal conditions and moisture to guarantee a fresh and palatable product of supreme quality.

Fresh from the Canadian Prairie

Our products are grown and manufactured by a certified hay facility that grows and monitors the hay throughout the growing season. Prairie products contain no artificial colours or preservatives and no herbicides or pesticides are used in the growing process.

Alfalfa Hay

Ideal dietary supplement for young small animals due to its high-protein and high-calcium content.

Ice Melter

Pet Friendly

Paw Thaw is a safer, biodegradable ice melter that will not harm your pet when used as directed.

Environmentally Formulated

The Non-hygroscopic formula is less harmful to grass, trees or other vegetation. Water soluble and odourless.

Fast Acting

Paw Thaw combines the most effective deicing blend components available, creating the desired reaction to initiate deicing and meltdown.


Will not harm carpets or floors and will not damage footwear. No slimy sticky residue to clean up.

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