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Clumping Cat Litter - Unscented

Our all-natural cat litter, made from 100% Sodium Bentonite, provides excellent odour control and ease of cleaning. Its superior hard-clumping abilities makes clean up a breeze... simply scoop the clump and throw it away. The rest of the litter remains clean, odourless and ready to reuse, making it a very economical and environmentally friendly choice.

Available in 4kg (8.8lb), 9kg (20lb) & 18kg (40lb) poly bag.
Clumping Cat Litter - Unscented

UPC Case
4kg / 8.8lb Bag 0-68328-06060-1 5 60
9kg / 20lb Bag 0-68328-96520-3 1 100
18kg / 40lb Bag 0-68328-09904-5 1 56

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